Tiny Heist Wiki

The objective of this game is to collect as many gems as you can (or none at all, for a different medal!) while progressing through the tower without getting caught. With the help of keys and other items, you must make it to the pink staircase in order to advance to the next floor. But that's not all.

You also need to watch out for guards and cameras if you want to make it out alive. In order to stun guards and cameras, you'll need to sneak up to them and hit them.


Interested in learning more about the game? The following links show the basics of the game:

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The ranks you can reach after winning are:

  • Not in it for the money (0 gems)
  • Better safe than sorry (less than 5 gems)
  • Underachiever with potential (5-10 gems)
  • Unstoppable (10-15 gems)
  • Master (15-25 gems)
  • Best of the Best (more than 25 gems!)
  • A whole other level (more than 50 gems!)
  • Is this even possible!? (more than 100 gems!)

Want to play the game?[]

Here are a few sites that have got you covered: